EDM & Dance Music has a unique set of principles. It needs to be loud, heavy but maintain clarity. The studio is perfectly set up to bring out the best in bass heavy mixes and ensure they have the right impact in the club.


  • So your track is finished and ready for the final mastering stage.

  • Bounce / mixdown your project to a single stereo audio file.

  • Send the file over to my studio.

  • I use my experience and equipment to apply a custom mastering chain.

  • The final sound has greater loudness, clarity, depth & punch.

  • It is then ready for release or conversion to other formats
  •   WHAT I DO & WHY

  • EQ - To correct and enhance the content your mix.

  • Mid / Side - Tightens the mono centre and widens the stereo image.

  • Analogue - Adds warmth and richness.

  • Compression - Gives character and depth.

  • Limiting - Increases loudness and solidifies the mix.

  • Enhancements for Mp3 Conversions & Radio Streams.

  • Reach the full potential of your own music.

  • Rise above other artists in a very competitive industry.

  • Instantly impact potential record companies, radio and industry experts.

  • Have confidence in sounding your best on headphones and club systems.

  • Specialised processing for better sound on iTunes and Spotify.


    Having heard about John through word of mouth, he was 1 of 10 mastering engineers we had sent a song to do a test master. Hand on heart, all of my AnR team decided his master was the best. He did an amazing job, his attention to detail was so impressive and the end result was one of clarity, depth but most of all it retained its musicality. - Gordon @ Toy Town Records

    I was blown away by what John has been able to achieve mixing and mastering my track. He is clearly a skilled engineer, willing to go back and forth until the sound was right. Great results and service. I look forward to working with him again. - Ed @ Deep Red Sound

    Ebony Red Audio Mastering is an excellent service, which is affordable and professional. I was working to a tight deadline in completing my album and John efficiently mastered my tracks and also gave me invaluable advice on the mastering process - DaPaul.

    I've been most impressed with John's work on all the tracks I've played out recently. They're all loud, tight and with enough shine and body to fully cut through the mix and most importantly create dance floor explosions - Greg Churchill

    At the outset of my project with Ebony Red, John's knowledge of mastering was very reassuring and he gave me valuable advice regarding the EQ of tracks for submission. My tracks were then returned promptly and I was thrilled to hear the difference that professional mastering makes. 5* service! - Marcus Gilvear

    Time and time again John provides cutting edge professional mastering. A really fast service and great communication for a great price. Its always a pleasure. Highly recommended. - Fantastic Boyz

    When it comes to giving my tracks the final polish and sparkle, I need a mastering engineer who will work with me and who understands how to treat each component of the track separately, in order to achieve the optimum result. John at Ebony Red Audio Mastering is my go to engineer for stem mastering, he delivers on all fronts. - DJ Rich Smith



    £40 per track. Up to 30% discount for multiple songs.


  • Mixdown your track using my guidelines.

  • Upload your files to WeTransfer or Dropbox.

  • Use the contact form below.

  • I will then send you a confirmation email and completion estimate.

  • You will receive a 45s WAV preview of your track with a PayPal invoice to pay for the full length version.