Ebony Red Audio Mastering Studio provides audio mastering, stem mastering and mixing & mastering services. John Mottram is the engineer & producer behind Ebony Red. His innovative approach gives your mixes the clear, powerful and engaging sound demanded by the music industry.

How to make an audio file ready for mastering.

Remove master bus plug-ins

Remove any compressors or limiters from the stereo / master output channel. For good mix practice there should not be any plug-ins on this channel. If you have significant working of the sound here, it may be beneficial and more accurate to apply it earlier in the mixing stage.

stereo output buss clear


Most importantly we need to avoid clipping here. Adjust the master fader to set the peak (highest) value of the signal to around -4dB. This gives some 'headroom' to work with at the mastering stage.

stereo output buss


Export your track in the normal way from the menu. Ideal file formats are 44.1KHz sample rate and 24-bit WAV or AIF. 16-bit is also perfectly acceptable. Lower grade files such as mp3 can be mastered but recommended only when all other file types are unavailable.


Visual Check

As a means of checking your audio, viewing its waveform can be very helpful. We recommend using Audacity a free and simple tool ideal for this purpose. Any sharp peaks can sometimes be clicks or pops and the height of the image represents the volume across the track. For the best mastering results, the more even the image, and therefore the volume, the better.



Too Loud

too loud

Too Quiet

too quiet