Ebony Red Audio Mastering Studio provides audio mastering, stem mastering and mixing & mastering services. John Mottram is the engineer & producer behind Ebony Red. His innovative approach gives your mixes the clear, powerful and engaging sound demanded by the music industry.

How to prepare audio files for mixing and mastering

Name your channels

Give each track and channel a unique name. Kick, Lead Vocal 1 etc. This is key to aid reconstructing the project.

Edit recording takes

If for example a lead vocal has different takes on different tracks, reorganise these into one audio file.

Fix left and right locators

Decide where you want your track to start and finish. Set the left and right locators to a full bar accordingly, with at least one bar of silence.


Check none of the individual channels are clipping. Set the master stereo output fader so the volume of the track peaks somewhere between -1dB and -4dB. This will give you a healthy volume on each separate audio file.

Levels - Dry / Wet

If you have already part mixed the track, keep all the volume settings as they are. Time allowing, send a dry and wet version of your project. A set of audio files with your effects and a set without.


Note the project tempo and include this in a text file with the audio.


The way you export depends on the software you are using. You should end up with one audio file for each and every different part in your track. This is normally between 15 - 35 files. You can group some parts in the same audio file using your judgement. The idea is to give the mixing engineer full control over the project to give it the best possible sound.

Visual Check

As a means of checking your audio, viewing its waveform can be very helpful. We recommend using Audacity a free and simple tool ideal for this purpose. Any sharp peaks can sometimes be clicks or pops and the height of the image represents the volume across the track. For the best results, the more even the image, and therefore the volume, the better.



Too Loud

too loud

Too Quiet

too quiet