Tracks mastered by Ebony Red Audio Mastering may be be used for demonstration purposes for streaming (no downloads will be available) on the website and similar platforms. They will have a maximum length of 45 seconds.

Notable mastered tracks from customers which are made available for release or free download may be added to our portfolio. This can take the form of links on our website including the use of customers artwork.

Recordings of Ebony Red Mastered tracks that appear on Radio, Online or other media may be used along side their full titles for demonstration purposes on the website and social networks.

If you wish to opt out of either points above please contact us via email.

Previews are offered to ensure you have confidence in our results and service. Once you pay for and receive your track in full, refunds are only available in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of Ebony Red Audio Mastering.

Ebony Red Audio Mastering accepts no responsibility for any costs incurred as a result of using mastered, stem mastered or mixed & mastered tacks.